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Pioneers of Removing Arsenic, Fluoride and Nitrites from Drinking Water in Pakistan

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Ecotech Systems International Pakistan and Ecotech Systems International Inc.
are water treatment companies that specialize in the entire range of water treatment in Pakistan.

Ecotech System International Pakistan
We offer process and water solutions technologies throughout the world to improve the quality of drinking water, non-chemical industrial conditioning of water, waste water reclamation,  discharge into aquifers, industrial processes like chemical processing, power generation and the manufacturing of food and pharmaceuticals since 2000 in Pakistan. Our technologies are environmentally friendly and free of the use of hazardous chemicals. Our reverse osmosis solutions include a waste treatment package of the rejected water streams. 

Our Vision and Mission
Eco Tech operates in the wide range of water treatment and fuel combustion systems with the philosophy of being environmentally friendly and efficient. We have operations in over 26 countries. Recently we have also expanded to Scandinavia and Middle East. We are proud to serve herein Pakistan, providing solutions with advance technologies for the treatment of waste water, rain water, dams storage water etc into drinkable clean water.

  What is Arsenic?    
   Arsenic is a commonly occurring toxic element and its health effects are well documented. High levels of arsenic can cause hyper pigmentation, skin and liver cancer and circulatory disorders. Arsenic occurs naturally in ground waters in areas of high geothermic activity and in mountainous terrains. High levels of arsenic are not generally found in surface water sources. There are also limited occurrences of arsenic found in waters resulting from pollution from mining and chemical processes. Continuous ingestion of arsenic impairs the growth of the body, a reason why Pakistan has not been able to produce international standard sportsmen and why the growth of children is impaired including deformations of bones particularly in Sindh...
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What is Pure Water..?
Ecotech Solution for nitrate/nitrite
Our Projects in Pakistan

Other Projects
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Arsenic Fluoride in Pakistan
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Proposal For Water Treatment, Purification and Filtration Plants
  Nitrates and Nitrites     media Center
  High nitrate (NO3-) concentrations in drinking water resources present a potential risk to the health of the public.  Background nitrate concentration in surface water is usually below 5 mg/L. In Pakistan, the standard set by NIH and PCRWR is 10 mg N03- - N or 45mg/L NO3, which is consistent with the USEPA standards...
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Solvency and Hydration.
An Important Requisite of Drinking Water
We view the principal role of water to be a solvent. As such, it should be as clean as possible when consumed, not overloaded with minerals or other solutes. It is a universal solvent wherein also lie its hazards in the food chain.

Latest news and review of our products
New introduction Ecotech XL Beam
Ecotech System International Inc. USA
It is normally a very dynamic substance made up of millions of H2O molecules that bond together by hydrogen bond sharing. These bonds hold H2O molecules together in groups of large molecular arrays, which range from 5 (the theoretical minimum occurring as liquid water) to several hundred. It is these bigger bonds that hold and carry dissolved solids  of all types which in turn form refuge for living organisms in water. Domestic / International NGO'S / Government Organizations
We welcome and ready to work with organizations willing to work for providing clean treated drinking water to the rural areas for the benefit of people of Pakistan.
We provide complete assistance with equipments most advance technology according to the requirement of treatment of water.

Most of the Water found today in nature contains
many dissolved substances, which the body must remove in order to absorb the water into our cells through the Aqua Orin protein water channels.
The water therefore has to be soft, permeable and in as small molecular clusters as possible for cellular hydration. Water containing large amount of dissolved solids does not have as high a driving force to exchange cellular fluids, which is an impediment to hydration.
Our bodies break large water molecule clusters down into single file water molecules in order for our cells to hydrate. In our patented water treatment and purification technology we use an array of technologies spear headed by our unique
Magneto Hydro Dynamics to break this water into smaller clusters while removing all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals contaminants and un-desirable dissolved solids. Finally, the water passes through an ultra violet light sterilisation. The end-magnetised water is a unique hydration system.




EcoBeam Water Treatment System



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