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Ecotech Systems International Pakistan. and Ecotech Systems International Inc.
are water treatment companies that specialize in the entire range of water
treatment Know in Pakistan.


EcoTech proposes to install Community Water Treatment, Purification, Filtration and Sterilisation Plants for the Government of Pakistan to produce a unique brand of Sparkling, Magnetized, Hydrating and Natural Drinking Water. The entire plant will be housed in a building with taps on the outside for community use designed according to the specific water quality of the source.

Water Treatment Process

     Pumping and Magnetic Shock Treatment. The water will be pumped from a storage tank for collection of municipal water. It will pass through a necklace of EcoBeam XL Systems for shock magnetic treatment. The process will break most of the large clusters of water molecules affecting wettability and reducing surface tension. This will also remove much of the weaker bonding dissolved solids into suspension of molecular size. Aeration will oxidize metals like iron etc that otherwise cause stains on cloths and sinks. The action of magneto hydrodynamics will also eliminate most of the iron and anaerobic bacteria. The water will loose the ability to form scales (a common problem in water systems that warrants the unhealthy use of anti scalants) that will now collect as orthorhombic crystals (loose sludge) in the sump.

     Slow Media Bio Filtration/ Pressure Sand Filtration. Passing through another necklace of EcoBeam XL the water will now be sprinkled on a slow media bio filter/pressure sand filter comprising special grade quartz sand and anthracite (both environmentally friendly). Slow filtration will give ample time for the turbidity to settle as well as remove most of the pathogens, virus and bacteria on the top layer of the sand. Water filtering out will be clearer and free of the foulants. The choice of Bio or Pressure filters will depend on the quality of water and availability of power hook ups. The pressure sand filter will contain fine quartz sand, baked clay for removal of fluoride and specially shaped gravel to polish the water. This filter will be backwashed periodically depending on the pressure drop indicators.

   Disinfection. Using automated dosing pumps a liquid oxidant. killing all the remaining bacteria and viruses besides bleaching the water. In a few seconds the effects of oxidation would be over obviating the formation of carcinogens as in case of chlorine gas. This will also result in some precipitation of dissolved solids like dissolved metals and arsenic. The water will be given a suitable retention time to ensure that the most dangerous and resistant viruses are killed
       De Oxidation.   This will be done through a dozing pump that will inject measured quantities of sodium Meta bi sulphides into the water. The water at this stage will be free of all anaerobic and aerobic bacteria.
       GAC Filter.     After passing through a band of EcoBeam XL the water will pass through this filter containing coco nut shell granularly activated charcoal mixed with silver coated carbon. This filter will trap remaining bacteria if any, inorganics, heavy metals, remove discolorations, foul odours including hydrogen sulphides, and any residual chlorine. The filter will be back washed like the sand filter. 
    Removal of Residual Bacteria and Heavy Metals (optional). The combination of EcoBeam XL and KDF (Copper Iron Filters) will induce an electrical field in the water that will kill bacteria and polarise/precipitate residual heavy metals. This filter will be backwashed with hot water under a special procedure.
     Arsenic Removal (optional). This will comprise a crystalline iron based compound to remove all types of arsenic from the water with no environmental hazards.
      Fluoride Removal. Through adsorbent media.
       Nitrate/Nitrite Removal (optional).  This will comprise a back washable special grade resin to remove nitrates and nitrites from water.
      Ultra Filtration.   This is done through a series of membranes to remove all traces of suspensions, dead carcasses of micro organisms and algae spores. We do not advocate the use of membranes unless the source water is excessively high in dissolved solids.
      Reverse Osmosis. For brackish and sea water.
      Ultra Violet Radiation. The water will be passed through a special specification UV lamp for sterilisation before use.
      Community Taps.  These will be provided for the collection of water in canisters/cans by the community.
     Power Packs. These comprise pure sine wave UPS system on existing lines, solar power or generators.

Warranty and After Sales
EcoTech guarantees three Year operational and maintenance efficacy subject to contract.


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