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Ecotech Systems International Pakistan. and Ecotech Systems International Inc.
are water treatment companies that specialize in the entire range of water
treatment Know in Pakistan.
What is EcoBeam XL? What is water and bonding?
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Chemical and Non Chemical water treatment CEO  (Samson Simon Sharaf)



Besides separating contaminants from the main fuel and improving the combustion efficiency, the presence of hydroxyl and hydrogen ions due to EcoBeam XL result in producing small quantities of hydrogen and oxygen: a more efficient fuel air mixture and hence conflagration which shortens the time of the combustion stroke. Engine vibrations and fuel consumption decrease while exhaust fume emissions are reduced. The systems are non invasive and safe for both external and internal combustion power units of all sizes, particularly diesel engines.


A Pulverized Coal Fired Kiln before and after Installation of EcoBeam XL.


EcoBeam XL Installation on a Nissan Truck in Japan

F16 Engine in USA




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