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Ecotech Systems International Pakistan. and Ecotech Systems International Inc.
are water treatment companies that specialize in the entire range of water
treatment Know in Pakistan.
What is EcoBeam XL? What is water and bonding?
The Science of Magneto Hydro Dynamics Downloads
Chemical and Non Chemical water treatment CEO  (Samson Simon Sharaf)

Operating Cost Comparison

Traditional Methods Vs EcoBeam XL Series 
(200 Ton Cooling Tower)




Excessive Strength Sewer Surcharge $ 3,524 $ 1,363
Bleed off (Water Cost) $ 3,768 $ 1,515
Energy (Electric, Gas, Oil) $ 4,924 $ 1,969
Equipment Maintenance And Downtime $ 3,134 $ 1,567
Chemical (Biocide, Inhibitors, & Acids) $ 4,200 $ 0.00
Estimated Operating Cost $ 19,570 $ 6,414
Operating Cost Saving $ 13,155
Estimated Eco Beam XL System Cost $ 11,800
Eco Beam XL Pay Back Period (Months)    11



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Ecotech Solution for nitrate/nitrite
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Proposal For Community Water Treatment, Purification and Filtration Plants
Arsenic Fluoride in Pakistan

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